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Third Party Verification Certificates

Third Part Verification Certificate

What is Third Party Verification?

Third party verifications are an independent ‘tick in the box’, verifying either a product or a set of products’ compliance with a particular standard. Excel has invested in such test and verification programmes for over 20 years, working closely with laboratories such as Force Technology (Delta) and 3P based in Denmark, and ETL in America.

Excel Category 6 and Category 6A systems are among a handful in the industry with both channel and component verification.

What’s the difference between Component and Channel verification?


Where an Excel product has a Third Party Verification certificate in place, when you view the product in the online catalogue you will see a copy of this certificate located in the ‘Downloads’ tab.

You can also view the Excel certificates directly:

Please note that DELTA and FORCE Technology have merged, with FORCE Technology as the continuing entity.
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