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Enbeam is our new brand name that denotes our complete fibre solution.

Enbeam provides flexible, scalable, ultra high performance fibre optic systems.

The Enbeam fibre range has been developed over the last 20 years and has continually evolved to embrace new developments in fibre optic technology. We hold significant stocks of Enbeam products for next day free delivery to the UK mainland. We also offer pre-terminated solutions to produce cables to your exact requirements – see below for further details on Excelerator.

When installed by an accredited Excel Partner Enbeam products are covered by the 25 year warranty.

View the latest Excel Product Catalogue including details of the Enbeam range.

Latest products to the Enbeam range

We’ve added a number of new products to the Enbeam range - watch this short video for an introduction to the new products.

The Phase Two Products include:

Enbeam Fibre Duct Trunking System

Piecing together in individual segments, Excel’s duct trunking system is flexible and suitable for an endless array of installations. A range of unique trunking segments in a variety of bend radii and lengths connect together in an infinite number of ways, allowing users to create a fibre storage solution that is fit for purpose. The system is fully enclosed, protecting the fibre from dirt and dust. Knowing that cleanliness is one of the most important factors when installing fibre optic cable, the fact that this trunking system helps to limit the contamination to the fibre makes it a strong contender for users choosing a trunking option.

enbeam fibre dome enclosure

Enbeam Fibre Dome Enclosure

The Excel Enbeam Dome enclosure allows up to 144 fibres to be installed using compression glands to seal the unit, allowing quick and simple installation methods, without the need for specialist tools. Its IP68 rating allows the unit to be externally mounted on walls, pole or pit applications whilst retaining it performance capability.

enbeam fibre ftth outlet

Enbeam Fibre FTTH Outlets

The Excel Enbeam FTTH Surface mount box has been designed for applications such as Fibre to the Home or Fibre to the Desk. This Wall outlet can also be fitted with a DIN rail mounting plate for installations requiring Din mounting capability.

enbeam fibre mdu box

Enbeam Fibre MDU Boxes

The Excel Enbeam MDU box terminates up to 3 optical cables offering a designated space for splitters and up to 48 fusion splices. Housing up to 24 adaptors SC simplex for internal or external applications.Offering a cost-effective solution within the FTTX network.

enbeam fibre breakout kit

Enbeam Fibre Breakout Kit

The Excel Enbeam 144 Fibre breakout kit allows the distribution of multi core cable via flexible conduit routes to multiple termination locations.The flexible conduit offers protection to sub units as well as tight buffed fibre.


The Phase One Products include:

enbeam high density 1U 12 casette

Enbeam Fibre Panel - 1U 19” 12-cassette high density panel

Provides an expandable and innovative cassette based patching solution that offers a capacity of 12 cassettes, each containing 12 fibres offering up to 144 fibres per 1U, with either LC or MTP presentation. A variety of cassettes are offered providing a highly flexible system and all cassettes can be mixed and matched as required and include the LC-MTP HD 6-Port Cassette, the LC HD 6-Port Cassette and the MTP HD 4-Port through-coupler.

enbeam 1U 144  fibre LC angled

Enbeam 1U 144 Fibre LC Angled Panel

Provides high-density LC patching offering 72 ports / 144 fibres in 1U. The angled design negates the need for additional patch cord management, further increasing the potential density of this system. Designed as a pass-through patching panel it features a large rear cable manager for location of the rear cables/patch leads.

Enbeam LC Uniboot patch cords

Enbeam LC Uniboot Patch Cords

These provide excellent performance in a compact design, using 2mm round cable containing 2 x 600 micron diameter fibres, which are ideal in high density applications. These patch cords allow for easy polarity changing.

Enbeam Fibre Panels

Enhanced Enbeam Fibre Panels

We have also updated our standard sliding drawer panels with added features such as ball-bearing runners for smooth operation and rigidity, finger pulls are included on the front panel and the use of recessed, flangeless, adaptors create increased space for port and panel labelling and makes the panel facia more aesthetically pleasing. There is also an optional patch cord management bar with a hinged front plate for ease of access and the range has been increased considerably. All of which have been introduced with no additional cost.

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Pre-terminated Solutions

The Excel EXCELERATOR is a range of pre-terminated fibre systems including Distribution, Break-Out and Mini Break-Out cables and MTP. The EXCELERATOR brand summarises both the speed in which fibre products can be installed and the product performance they deliver.

To help you quickly and simply design the cable that you want please use the EXCELERATOR Configurator and you can build your cable, produce a drawing of the design and request a quotation within minutes.

Mix Fibre and Copper in one Patch Panel

With our ExpressNet Solution you can present both fibre and copper in one panel providing the ultimate in flexibility, reduces the rack space required and provides future proofing in system design.

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Blown Fibre

Excel partners with Prysmian to offer their Sirocco® Blown Fibre Solution

The flexibility offered by blown fibre solutions can substantially minimise today’s network build costs. With the many uncertainties in the market, such as future trends in technology, demand from customers, people movement and financial confidence, blown fibre can provide a flexible, low total life cost and ‘peace of mind’ solution.

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Fibre Cleaning

A high quality fiber optic installation starts with the connectors. Clean connections give you faster transmission rates, higher bandwidth and maintenance-free operation. Fiber optic kits include all the tools you need to achieve clear connections.

FOCCUS™ brand products from Chemtronics give you the tools you need to quickly clean connectors and ports. Patented technology and proprietary Combination Cleaning™ process give you clean connections the first time, every time.

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