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We all want home to be as nice as possible, with all the creature comforts.

A fundamental truth that we don’t seem to see often enough is what Singlemode fibre actually is.

Within the PON – Passive Optical Networks – technology you have a vast array o

OR Rack 4-Post Expansion Kit

When you look in the dictionary at the word ‘expansion’, it says, among other things;

The latest set of products within the Excel portfolio to create a stir is all the DIN rail mountable offerings. 

Fibre To The Wherever


In the IT world of thousands of acronyms, I thought I would add another! FTTW.

555-276 The Power to Deliver

What’s better than power sockets under a desk? Power sockets on a desk!

We all dance around the obvious; we want to have a high quality, high performance, scalable network product to deploy with a feature-rich

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