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Bespoke Laser Engraved Labelling

Our Specialist Support Services include a comprehensive range of laser engraved labels for patch panels and outlets ensure that every application is professionally labelled from the moment it is installed.

Excel’s Specialist Support Services include the labelling of cabinets, patch panels, GOPs and outlet modules, amongst other pre-terminated solutions.  We can provide the highest quality laminated, laser-engraved labels printed to your specific requirements and shipped the same day, or we can provide the labels pre-printed and installed onto the required products in your order for complete convenience.


Technical Specifications

  • 2-colour laminate sheets
  • Acrylic composition
  • Strong adhesive backing
  • Range of colours, shapes & sizes
  • UV resistant
  • Laser engraved
  • High quality
  • Same day despatch | Next day delivery
  • Material - Acrylic
  • Thickness 0.9mm nominal
  • Adhesive back - 3M 467MP
  • Maximum sheet size: 300mm x 450mm
  • Temperature range: -30C to +70C
  • Fire classification UL94 HB
  • Electrical insulator
  • RoHS compliant

Further information about our bespoke engraved labelling service is detailed in the brochure, which includes specifics relating to colour availability, sizing options and the ordering process.

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Why choose our laser engraved labels?

Service and Support

Service & Support

As part of the Specialist Support Service, all labels commence printing on the day we receive the specification, with a view to despatching them on the same day* for next day delivery within the UK. Our dedicated sales and technical support teams are on hand to help with the completion of any spreadsheets or technical information, to offer a hassle-free, quick and efficient process.

* if ordered before 2pm, Monday to Friday


Engraved Labelling


Our engraved labelling service is offered either as standalone printed and cut label sheets for application after equipment installation, or pre-affixed to the equipment according to the specification provided, meaning you don't even have to think about labelling whilst on-site. There is also a vast array of colour options available, even beyond the standard six - for details about alternative colour availability, please contact the sales team.



Time Saving

By eliminating the need to think about labelling during installation, or fiddle around with a pen and narrow slips of paper on-site, our adhesive engraved labelling solution is proven to save a considerable amount of project time, reducing overall cost.


Engraved Labelling

Long-Term Quality & Reliability

To ensure the highest quality, long-term durability and top performance, Excel's engraved labelling solution uses the best quality materials on the market. The acrylic material is fadeproof, retaining it's bold colour for several years after engraving and installation. The laser technology eliminates the risk of diminishing ink visibility, by cutting through the top acrylic layer to reveal crystal clear text in the chosen colour.


Engraved Labelling

Bespoke Service

Our labelling service is 100% bespoke, printed to the needs of the individual. This 'made-to-measure' nature means that we are able to print anything to meet the requirements of the end-user; specific destination locations, particular equipment, company logos - the options are endless. Please contact the sales team for more information about the capabilities of our service.


For further details and prices on Excel's Bespoke Laser Engraved Labelling Service contact us on 0121 326 7557 or email

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