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Excel offers a variety of labelling services to suit any requirement. Whether you are installing cabinets, patch panels, GOPs, outlets or cable, labelling is a crucial stage of the project to ensure the finished product is as efficient as possible for the end user.  With specialised laser engraved technology and access to Sharpmark software, Excel has the capacity to offer a bespoke, "made-to-measure" service, even down to whether the labels are pre-affixed to your equipment or sent as standalone label sheets.

Why choose labelling from Excel?

Service & Support

Our dedicated sales and technical support teams are on hand to help with the production of labels to ensure the results are accurate first time, every time.


With a range of colours, sizes and materials as well as the ability to customize the label text, the service is flexible to suit the needs of all customers.

Time Saving

By eliminating the need to think about labelling during installation, the Excel solution is proven to save time and money during projects.

For further details about Excel's laser engraved labelling solution or the Sharpmark labelling software, please visit either the respective landing pages, or download the dedicated service brochures.


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