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The Power To Deliver

555-276 The Power to Deliver

What’s better than power sockets under a desk? Power sockets on a desk!

Now don’t get me wrong, there is no issue with having power sockets under a desk, but not having to climb under the desk to get your laptop charger plugged in is always a bonus. Oh, and don’t forget that moment after about two hours of being at the desk, when you are on your 15th call and you decide it’s time to get some charge into your smart phone. So it’s back under the desk you go with your dignity in the air!

So now you're sorted... You have power to your devices and you have straightened your attire and it's back to work... oh oh, your iPad needs a little injection of juice. It’s back under the desk for you and so ensues the fight to get the transformer plug into the space left inside the floor box. At this moment you make the promise to yourself for the hundredth time that you will make sure all devices are fully charged before you leave the house next time.

There must be an easier way??

Well, there is! You can just install a desk top power unit from Excel. The clever people at Excel Networking offer a unit that has 4 power sockets as well as 2 USB charging ports and the ability to house 4 data outlets all in one unit, making the process of acquiring the desired access to power and data easy peasy. 

The 555-276 Desktop PDU has the power to not just offer electricity, but comfort in the workplace. It has the power to deliver.

Author Bio

Neil Staley

Product Marketing Executive


Neil Staley originally joined Mayflex in 1991 working in the sales team. Over the years he has worked in different sales roles both internally and externally and helped set up the highly successful Projects department.

Neil then ran the internal sales team for a number of years and since 2013 has worked within the Marketing department, focusing on product marketing activities across the three core divisions of the business.

Neil holds the CNIT qualification.

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